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"[Amicus Founder] Emily Hardman's unique blend of legal and communications experience has defined this emerging and critical field of law.  Countless organizations have turned to Emily on the nation's most important legal issues. For 10 years I have witnessed Emily's countless successes--she is the best in her field." 


//   Edwin Meese III,  75th U.S. Attorney General  //


They won in “large part because of the masterful telling of the [their client’s] story."

//  American Prospect // 


“[The firm has also] mastered plain English press releases and media-savvy optics."

//  Time Magazine  //



"Whether it is briefings, trainings, organizing, strategic planning or the continual support—everything is unmatched by their expertise.” 


“The legal and communications expert.” 


“It is like calling in the Cavalry.” 


“Nobody is more successful than Amicus Communications at navigating a winning course through the court of public opinion."


“When it comes to legal communications, Emily is world class. Legal media is a labyrinthine maze for the unwary, and good lawyers need good guides for the whole trip. Emily excels throughout. She helps lawyers understand why and how to communicate better. She helps clients understand the sensitivity of case-related media, and why they must both carefully and winsomely tell the public their story. And she helps communications teams put it all together into a top-notch finished product that re-assures clients, protects principles, persuades skeptics, and – most importantly – wins cases.”  


// Daniel Blomberg, esq. //


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